'Know Thy Self'

presented by Colin Maxwell and Agnnes Kraweck

Chateau Louis Hotel Conference Center
11727 Kingsway Ave

Wednesday February 25th 2004, 7pm

Comments from previous meetings:

Love all the information, wonderful team! - Mary Jean S.
Very interesting. - Dodie S.
Please to see you are putting your extensive knowledge out to the general public. - Henriette D.
Awesome presentation. - Margaret P.
Great Information! - Denise L.
Very informative and a great idea for further events. - Cheryl M.
Awesome, informative, glad to be there! - Nancy M.
I can't believe the knowledge I learned tonight. A wonderful session. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome. - Charlene M.

Colin Maxwell: Your Date of Birth reveals Your Purpose in Life (sometimes hidden). Find your potential and pitfalls.

Go to www.numberology.com and create a new account (FREE) to find out your inner potential in advance.

Agnnes Kraweck: Spiritual growth in understanding your Past, Present, and Future. Gain new insight, new faith, and a leap in consciousness. Are You Tired? Low in Energy? Then check your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual nutrition.

Introduction of six Medical Intuitives, sharing new research.

Free testing available –using intuitive Technology for nutritional requirements, wake up your brain, teeth (metal invasion), vibrational balance and much more.

Most talked about, and most exiting energy assessment tool, now used in 41 countries and made in Edmonton. Kirlian photography available for those wanting a personal photo. $ 20.00

Everyone Welcome! Fun! Educational! and Transformational! Evening. Many helpful aids, charts, books, tapes and gift certificates for those who want to introduce friends, or family to a new experience. Kirlian Photography for those who were wanting to discover their mind powers, psychic ability, intuition, moods, and much more.

NOTE: Please come on time to get a seat, we are expecting to have a full house (as we did at the previous presentation above! Click on a photo of a practitioner to go to thier web site.)

At the door $10.00 Pre-register on line, only $5.00 Call 780-421-4284 for more information.

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