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Shaw TV interview with Agnnes Kraweck PhD

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B3200 Lifes Hidden Forces by Agnnes Kraweck  

A personal journey into Kirlian Photography. You will find it fascinating, exiting and informative about human energy. A Future Science Now, with over 140 mostly colour photos to explore human energy and its effects on awakening human consciousness. Topics on channeling, therapies, nutritional balance and the mysterious energy behind the Crystal Skull, recently discovered after being hidden for thousands of years. Many other phenomena revealed. 98 pages   | Product Label  | Product Brochure
Price: $ 40.00 USD
Weight: 0.66 lbs

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B3215 Aura For Health by Agnnes Kraweck  

Independent researcher with Triune-Being Research Organization. A new look at human vibrational energy, mental stress and nutritional imbalances and their effects on the body. Many tips how to select nutrients to maintain balance and high energy. 78 pages   | Product Label  | Product Brochure
Price: $ 15.00 USD
Weight: 0.24 lbs

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B3220 Dowsing: Science or Magic by Agnnes Kraweck  

Discover your powers, your divine nature that can change you from ordinary to extraordinary, and become a knower of the Universal Secrets. This book is an exciting starting point, an adventure using energy assessment tools and simple examples to develop new skills in questing. 38 pages   | Product Label  | Product Brochure
Price: $ 13.00 USD
Weight: 0.15 lbs

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B3230 Messages In A Drawing by Agnnes Kraweck  

If you are looking for something different to entertain and stimulate minds, at house parties, office, schools or just family and friends, then this book is for you. A simple drawing is a reflection of how you view your life, and can reveal your past, your present, and your future and sometimes a shadow of what lies hidden in your sub-conscious. Takes but a few minutes to create, easy and inexpensive and opens a door to talk about the inner world.   | Product Label  | Product Brochure
Price: $ 30.00 USD
Weight: 0.11 lbs

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B3240 The Book of Life has Nine Pages by Colin Maxwell  

Everything is measurable even your intelligence created from your date of birth and your name. Discover for yourself by this simple calculation your inner potential and purpose in life, and the many unexplored great qualities you have.   | Product Label  | Product Brochure
Price: $ 10.00 USD
Weight: 0.11 lbs

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